Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend round-up

So, the weekend was pretty uneventful, except Saturday morning I went with my parents to pick up some spares, and lo and behold it was right next door to my biggest crush of the year's business. (who is my only crush as I never meet guys) So anyways, it looked like they were open and working, what a perfect opportunity, argh, but I hadn't been for laser hair removal in a long time as I was timing it for my holiday, so I didn't go over :( and we had to wait for a whole hour at the company we'd gone to. What a waste! maybe I should have gone, then I contemplated phoning today just to say I was next door to his place on Saturday and wanted to wish him meery Xmas, how lame! So I chickened out of that. I'm pretty sure he already thinks I'm a loser thanks to how nervous I get when talking to him, and blurting out the dumbest things. Argh him and his powerful good looks. I'll call him GG from now on, in case I ever have anything to post about him (let's hope so)

Sunday it was a lovely 34 degrees, without adding on 10 degrees for the humidity, I somehow got heat stroke from driving in an air-conditioned car, and puked when I got home and proceeded to pass out as my head hit the pillow at 5pm.

And today I grew some balls and rsvp'd to an end-of-year "party" which will be held this Thursday evening. Now we are allowed to bring as many friends as we like, I rsvp'd for one, I think I am going to be the only person coming alone, oh well. My mom said she's proud of me that I'm going, lol that's how big a loser I usually am, woo hoo for me, and since it's a catered event I have to go now so no chickening out as usual. oh it's "party" in inverted commas because I think if you averaged our ages it'd be around 50.

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Tay said...

At least the party will be an evening out and who knows, sometimes the parties we dread are the ones that turn out the best :-)