Thursday, January 29, 2009

South Africa did not invent the barbecue

What is it with South African bloggers who post lists of what they love about SA, listing the braai/barbecue as if it is something unique, here's a surprise: people do this all over the world! and it's a nice social event there blah blah....shocker hey.
In the USA people love their barbecues, Australia too, I've enjoyed many braai's in Germany. So take it off your lists people. seriously, wtf. it just annoys me, I've read it so many times on people's blog-lists but just read another one so thought I'd write about it, also this person listed "biltong" and didn't know how to describe it to international readers, well for americans think jerky - there I helped again, 2 points for me. Then they went on to list chain "restaurants" including Spur???? oh my god I don't want to know what these people eat at home, I've always had a problem with the lack of quality of food available in south african establishments, and it is definitely true that in the average SA household people cook shitty food, people don't know how to make proper sauces either. *puke*

yeah I'm a bitch, blah bee blah blah. :)