Thursday, December 11, 2008


So far this year I have taken 1 day of leave, yes that's what I typed, ONE days leave, I am so exhausted. This morning I managed to sleep until 5:40am so I was happy, much better than waking up at 4:50am yesterday. My body clock is so messed up, I usually wake up before 6am on the weekends, sleeping in for me means making it to 7am. I never would have thought I'd become such an early bird, funny how things change, but work is the most important thing in my life, the only thing I have in my life at the moment, so it's all good.

I can not wait until I am on holiday and hopefully sleeping in late, luckily I will be in Germany so the sky won't be light until after 7 or 8am, woo hoo. Today is exactly two weeks until I leave, flying on the 25th, hopefully that means the flight won't be fully booked as people may not want to be travelling on Christmas Day. I wonder if the airline will give us anything special, will wait and see. I don't know why but I always look forward to watching the movies on the plane, it's like a highlight of my trip. Flying back though will be torture as I'm on some old plane without the individual screens and playlist, I plan to party hard the night before I leave and sleep it off on the plane, that way if the old crapper of a plane goes down I'll be too tired to care :P

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