Friday, December 12, 2008

My weekend is ruined

This saying is so true "when it rains it pours", yeah, pours hot stinky shit all over my head. My stomach is in a tight knot today and all I want to do is go home and fall asleep so I don't have to face the world.

Firstly, someone I thought I could trust appears to have been talking to people behind my back, all thanks to my big mouth and stupid habit of telling people (I thought I could trust) things I shouldn't. I should blame myself as I know better, but this guy is supposed to be a friend, and has been my dad's friend for almost 20 fucking years (he's much younger than my dad if it matters). Why does the human race constantly disappoint. I've stayed home on weekends for the past 5 years, I avoid everyone, and thought I had become an invisible person, then wanker comes along and makes me feel like I did over and over all those years ago when I would hear shit, untrue, gossip being spread about myself. I just want to leave this place forever. To leave behind all the people who hurt me. And really, this guy only knows us through work, I don't see why he must concern himself with talking about me to anyone.

The shitstorm continues this morning when I hear that someone who was indirectly involved in my company is querying something. If this dumb woman causes any crap, she will pay severely. I don't want to write more in case she turns up dead and with a trillion billion to 1 chance that someone reads this and figures it out it was me :) hey wait, I'm not even typing this part anymore, it's the alien growing inside me, I swear.

Thirdly, the exchange rate is giving me an ulcer, I can't stop checking it, I'm up to about 20 times a day, everytime I see it i cringe inside, stupid weak rand, why are you so sensitive?

By now in the slim chance anyone is ever reading this, hello! I bet you're thinking you've stumbled onto a real nutcase now. I think I better go....

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Tay said...

It's the worst feeling when you find out someone has been gossiping about you...Hold your head high though and give them carrots or whatever you prefer ;-)