Thursday, December 18, 2008

I did it

Yep, I did do it indeed, went to the end of year "party" and I was not the only person who came alone, a couple guys did as well, but most people were with their partners. Thank god a friendly guy came to talk to me, so I sat with him and his friend and chatted mainly with them, about chess, board games, rebus puzzles, fantasy and science-fiction books, was cool. And they're my age, although I was right that the average age was older, I'd say 40's. I'm glad I went, I really need to get out more, lol the one guy asked me what I do in my spare time, I said nothing and that I go out with my parents on the weekends coz I'm just supercool like that, the guy on the other side nodded, I think he understands how it is.

The buffet was disgusting, I don't know what these people eat at home, I find it funny how people do not know how to cook and think crap food is good, bleuch. Now the venue was shit, so the food was no surprise, but even at supposedly good restaurants in Durban, the quality of food is not up to par, South Africans don't seem to know how to make sauces, anyways...

Surpassed my expectations of leaving early and stayed on till just after 11pm, that's the latest I've been up since I spent a weekend in Cape Town during August. Up at 5am today, feel drowsy owing to the "late" night, but it's my last day of work for the year, woo hooooooooo, so that will keep me going for the day. I've photocopied stuff to take with me to Germany so I can phone from there and ensure certain things happen on the right days. You can't get away from work on holiday.

A week from now I will be in Germany, I will have just met up with my cousin at the airport, and will be savouring the lovely cold, ahhhhh. It has been one whole year since I kissed a guy, which happened to be in Germany last year, I wonder what will happen this time....there is a guy I want to see, someone who wanted to marry me this year and I turned him down, I think I have lost him, I'm scared I will go over and face some heartbreak, even though I broke up with him this time last year, now it's my turn, how stupid. I wish I could make up my mind about things before I make a cock-up, although honestly I think I changed my mind when he moved on because when someone isn't interested then you want them more, hah. Otherwise, maybe I'll find a hot guy at a new years party, german guys are yummy, it's weird going out and seeing guys I find attractive.

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Tay said...

Well done for going to the party and glad it turned out okay! Hope things with the guy work out!